B-ball Junkies Addicted To “Shoot The Lights Out Luke” Kennard

Luke Kennard is a smooth unique sophomore shooting guard NBA prospect. He stands at 6’ 5.5” (with shoes), weighs 196.2 lbs and has a 6’ 5.25” wingspan. He’s a right-hander but shoots with his left hand. He’s a scorer and a knock down shooter. He’ll knock down shots from mid and long range, put the rock on the floor, create for others and find teammates.

As a knock down shooter, Kennard can hit shots off the dribble or the catch and shoot. A left-handed shooter with a smooth stroke…Solid off ball movement. A good target for the catch and shoot elbow jumper off the curl…His ability to create a shot off the bounce is solid. He’s very effective at creating space. From the face up he hits defenders with jab steps and head fakes. He has the ability to attack past closeout defenders. Capable of attacking in both directions. Can get space with a head fake and one dribble on midrange pull-ups. Can also create separation with in & out’s and step backs. Can attack around screens and get to the elbow area or into the paint. If necessary he will take the fade away from close range. Doesn’t need much space to get his shot off but he’s occasionally slow with the release off the pull up; block material at times.

Primarily a jump shooter but he’s capable of attacking off the dribble. His handle is smooth. He has the ability to break a defender down. Can attack in both directions. Capable of changing direction with crossovers, behind the back dribbles, spin moves and in & outs. He has the ability to freeze a defender with a hesitation dribble as well. Can get into the paint. Capable of getting to the basket. Not an explosive athlete so he won’t finish at the basket with thunder on a consistent basis. He’s more likely to finish at basket with an acrobatic field goal attempt. Very slick footwork. Can get crafty in the paint with leaners and up and unders. Capable of finishing through contact.

Appears to be a solid passer with vision. He has the ability to create for others. He has that drive, get into paint, draw the defense and kick or dish to teammate at basket capability. Has a bit of showtime to his game; pretty no look passes etc. But occasionally will force or make the bad pass. Can be an assist threat/weapon when flashing to foul line area….Also sees the floor well from the perimeter. Off the face up he’s capable of finding open teammates on all areas off the floor.

He’s not an explosive athlete but he can get out and finish on the break. Can finish as a lane filler. Can take it coast to coast. Primarily a beneath the rim finisher but he does have the ability to finish above the rim… A shooting threat on the spot up or transition pull up….He also has the ability to find teammates when pushing in transition.

Doesn’t appear to be much of a presence on the defensive end. But the effort is there. Attempts to fight through screens. He does his best to stay in front of ball handlers. He slides his feet; will ride his man to the basket. Will contest field goal attempts. Will kick the ball to break up a pass…He’ll give you a steal here and there…

How he can contribute at the next level:

  • Scoring
  • Knock down jumpers/Three point threat on the floor


  • Jump shot; clean stroke
  • Solid free throw shooter
  • Efficient offense

Areas for improvement/Weakness/Question Marks:

  • Lack of explosive NBA athleticism
  • Not much of a defensive presence
  • Length/wingspan


  • Born: 6/24/1996
  • Hometown: Franklin, Ohio
  • 2015 McDonald’s All-American