John Collins Would Be A Great Addition To Your Favorite Team

John Collins is an agile, athletic and efficient sophomore power forward. He stands at 6’ 9.5” (with shoes), weighs 225.2 and has a 6’ 11.25” wingspan. The 2016 – 2017 ACC’s most improved player of the year. A potential double double NBA Draft prospect. A big that scores from the post, finishes plays around the basket, knocks down the midrange jumper, hits the offensive glass and gets out in transition.

He’s a threat to score down low. Solid post game. Effective moves on the block. Seals defenders on his back. Can keep defenders on his outside hip when creating an over the top of defender passing lane to basket. A threat to make over playing post defenders pay. Has the ability to finish after the catch…Capable of hitting the jump hook. Can also knock down the turn around or face up jumper. Will use head fakes. At times will hit defenders with a quick turn around off the post entry catch. Capable of drawing fouls on those attempts…Off the post up turn and face he has the ability to knock down jumpers (reliable stroke) or get to the basket…Crafty when shoulder faking on attacks into the paint before countering towards the baseline and vice versa. Effective drop step and step through up and under to set up field goal attempts at the rim. Occasionally reckless when putting ball on the floor to attack…At the basket he’s capable of finishing with lay ins, acrobatic field goal attempts or flushes. Capable of drawing fouls; capable of finishing through contact.

He finishes plays around the rim. A solid target on basket cuts, guard penetration feeds, and rolling to rim after setting a screen. Good set of hands and footwork to catch and finish on the move. Has the ability to make the catch in traffic, maintain composure and balance on his way to the rim. Solid finisher on cuts to the basket; lay ups, acrobatic field goal attempts and dunks…Athletic enough to go and get lob passes to the rim for flush finishes. Capable of finishing through fouls for plus one baskets.

Reliable mid range jumper shooter. Can hit shots with in his range off the face up or the catch and shoot. Solid pick and pop option. Can knock down short corner, elbow and foul line/foul line area extended jumpers. Range extends out to the top of the key…Stays within his jump shooting comfort zone. He only attempted one three pointer during the season.

Good rebounder. Solid on the offensive glass. Crashes the boards for extra possessions and put back attempts. Quick off feet for second chance opportunities. He averaged 3.75 offensive rebounds per game and collected 124 total offensive rebounds for the 2016-2017 season…He average 6.06 defensive rebounds per game and collected a total of 200 boards for the 2016-2017 season…Recorded 17 double doubles on the season (Points and rebounds).

A big that can get up and down in transition. Agile and fluid. Capable of finishing plays ahead of the pack. Can finish the break as a trailer with layups, acrobatic field goal attempts or with strong flushes.

Capable of attacking off the dribble and getting to basket for field goal attempt. He has the ability to attack straight line from the elbow.

John is an average defender overall. He’s an agile big; athletic as well. Wouldn’t classify him as a shot blocker but he is a big that is very capable of blocking and disrupting shots. He does a decent job of erasing field goal attempts from behind. Must work on body control on shot contests. He often picks up fouls when challenging field goal attempts…Good lateral movement to cut off guard penetration in the paint. Satisfactory help defender…Quick hands; capable of stripping post up ball handlers on the back down.

How he can contribute at the next level:

  • Hit the offensive glass: Extra possessions/put back buckets
  • Potential double double big
  • Finish plays around the basket
  • Knock down mid range jumpers
  • Pick and roll/pop big
  • Run the floor in transition
  • Post up option


  • Potential
  • Offense
  • Offensive Rebounding

Areas for improvement/Weakness/Question Marks:

  • Become more of a paint protector/Defensive enforcer
  • Improve on contesting shots without fouling


  • Born: 9/23/1997
  • Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL
  • 2016 – 2017 All ACC First Team
  • 2016 -2017 ACC Most Improved Player
  • Led the nation in PER for the 2016 – 2017 season