Malik Monk: Watch Him Play At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Malik Monk (Cover Image)

Malik Monk is an undersized athletic jump shooting off guard. He unofficially stands at 6’ 3” and weighs 200 lbs. He’s a guard that scores. For the 2016-2017 season he ranks 7th in NCAA total points and 39th in NCAA points per game. He knocks down jumpers, gets out in transition and puts forth effort on the defensive end.

Malik is jump-shooting guard. He knocks down shots in the half court and in transition with or without screens. Has the ability to catch & shoot, pull up off the dribble and shoot off the face up with or without screens…Decent off ball movement. Can get open through the use of screens in half courts sets, BOB and SOB plays….Attacks past closeout defenders with two dribbles to set up midrange jumpers. Can also side step dribble past closeout defenders to create clean three point looks. His range extends out to the college three-point line. Effective from long range. He connected on 104 three pointers out of 262 tries. 47 percent of his field goal attempts came from downtown. He ranks 21st in NCAA three pointers made, ranks 22nd in NCAA three point attempts, ranks 47th in NCAA three point percentage and ranks 55th in NCAA three pointers made.

Primarily a jump shooter but he is capable of attacking off the dribble. Can get past perimeter closeout defenders with straight-line attacks. Can change direction with crossovers. Gets into the paint for runners/floaters. Capable of finishing over contesting defenders. Capable of getting to the basket for acrobatic lay up attempts. Nice set of springs and hang time.

He’s a guard that looks to leak out in transition after missed shots. Gets out ahead of the pack. Finishes at the basket with acrobatic field goal attempts and athletic flushes. Smooth reverse lay ups etc…He also has the ability to fill the lanes/ trail for spot up catch & shoot or pull up three point opportunities…Can push on the break. Can turn defense into offense. Can go end to end. Good speed with ball in his hand. Can attack after catching the outlet pass on the wings. Gets into the paint for runners/floater. Can side step paint defenders. Capable of getting to the basket. Capable of drawing fouls and finishing with contact but his ability to finish when contested can use improvement…Occasionally gets reckless with bad lob passes.

Capable of creating for others and finding shooters. Can attack around screens to find cutters/shooters or get into paint, draw the defense and connect with his bigs at the basket…Can hit shooters flashing to foul line for jumpers. Has up court vision after rebounding. Capable of making the up court assist pass. He had a total of 87 assist. His per 40-minute rate is 2.9 and his per 100-possession rate is 3.8.

He’s a decent defender but his contributions won’t show on his stat sheet. His effort is there and he has some hustle. He does a pretty good job of staying in front of a ball handler’s change of direction when attacking off the dribble. Capable of sticking to his man like glue…Will fight and chase his man through screens…Contest jumpers…Quick reflexes to dive on floor for loose balls…Occasionally doesn’t box out properly; allows offensive rebounds…For the year he had a total of 19 blocks. His per 40-minute block rate is 0.6. His per 100-possession block rate is 0.8. He had a total of 36 steals. His per 40-minute steal rate is 1.2. His per 100-possession steal rate is 1.2.

How he can contribute at the next level:

  • Score
  • Transition offense
  • Three point threat


  • Athleticism
  • Jump shot

Areas for improvement/Weakness/Question Marks:

  • Undersized two guard
  • Relies heavily on his jump shot


  • Born: February 4th, 1998
  • Hometown: Lepanto, Arkansas
  • 2016 McDonald’s All American
  • 2016-2017 SEC POY
  • 2016-2017 All SEC First Team
  • 2016-2017 SEC Freshman of the year
  • 2016-2017 All SEC Freshman team