Why You Will Fall In Love With NBA Draft Prospect Kyle Kuzma

Kyle Kuzma is an agile and athletic tweener forward. This NBA Draft prospect stands at 6’ 9.5” (with shoes), weighs 222.6 lbs, and has a 7’ 0.25” wingspan. He has length and some wing skills. He could potentially play three different positions…He defends, hits the offensive glass and rebounds. He’s also capable of attacking from post and knocking down the three ball…He has a 27 inch standing vertical, 34 inch max vertical and runs a 3.25 three quarter sprint. He’s a potential double double guy (Points/Rebounds). Recorded 15 on the season and ranked 26th in NCAA double doubles.

Kyle has a good looking stroke. Can catch & shoot or pick and pop. Capable of getting his shot off the dribble as well. Capable of creating space with crossovers and the use of screens. Can hit the midrange jumper. His range extends out to the college three point line. But this is an area of his game that has room for improvement. Can hit the three ball but he’s not efficient from long range. On the year Kyle shot 27 for 84 from long range. He occasionally has bad misses (airballs etc)…

If he tightens up his handle a bit, improves his jump shooting accuracy (especially from long range), Kuzma can potentially play some minutes at the two guard spot.

He has the ability to work out of the post. Can create for self down low. Can post defenders on the low block. Can catch and immediately attack; especially baseline. Sets up field goal attempts with baseline fakes, counters with power dribble into paint. Or vice versa. Can set up field goal attempts with hop steps and spin moves as well. Can finish close to the basket with lay ups and jump hooks. Capable of drawing fouls.

Can finish plays at the basket with acrobatic field goal attempts when teammates find him.. Can finish plays on the pick & roll. Can make the catch and finish plays when cutting to rim. Decent off-ball movement.

Can of attack off the dribble in either direction. Straight line attacker; but capable of changing direction with spin moves. Can attack off the turn and face. Can get closeout defenders off-balanced with head fakes and attack past them. Can get defenders to bite on fake dribble handoffs. Capable of getting into the paint for floaters. Sets up field goal attempts with jump stops. Capable of getting to the basket for layups and dunks. Capable of drawing fouls…Handle can be sloppy at times; losses control on the attack.

He has vision. Capable of finding teammates at the basket or on the cut. Can find teammates off the face up. Capable of finding teammates at the basket with the lob pass. Capable of creating for and finding teammates off the dribble as well. Can hit baseline cutters…On occasion has a bad tendency to leave his feet on pass attempts. Sometimes the outcome positive; assists. Other times the outcome not so positive; passes deflected, tipped etc…

Kyle grabbed a total of 271 rebounds on the season. His per 40 minute rebounding rate is 12.1. His Per 100 possession rebounding rate is 17.3. His total rebounding percentage is 17.7. He ranks #89 in total NCAA rebounding and #39 in NCAA average rebounds per game. Potential double double guy (points and rebounds). He recorded 15 on the season and ranked # 26 in NCAA double doubles.

On the offensive end he averaged 2.79 rebounds and collected a total of 81. His offensive rebounding percentage is 11.3. He ranked #83 in NCAA offensive rebounds per game. Can clean up on the glass; tip ins, put back lay ups. Quick off feet for 2nd chance opportunities. Can draw fouls on put back attempts.

On the defensive end he averaged 6.55 rebounds and collected a total of 190. His defensive rebounding percentage is 23.3. He ranked #41 in NCAA defensive rebounds per game. Can rebound and go.

Capable of going end to end for the basket. Can handle the ball in transition. Can get into paint for floaters or get to the basket for dunks or lay ins…Can leak out and finish ahead of the pack.

Kyle plays hard on the defensive end. What he contributes doesn’t show up on the stat sheet. He slides his feet. He’s capable of riding ball handlers to basket. He’s capable of cutting off and stopping penetration. Can defend guards on pick & rolls switches. Capable of staying in front of these guards as they change direction off the dribble. Capable of forcing penetration kick outs. Not afraid to body up. Has some discipline on defense; often stays down on shot fakes and contest shots with hands straight up…He doesn’t block many shots but he capable of contesting and erasing shots at the basket in the half court, transition and help defense situations. For the year he had a total of 14 blocks. His per 40-minute block rate is 0.6. His per 100 possession rate is 0.9… He doesn’t come up with many steals but he’s capable of poking balls loose. Capable of turning defense into offense. He collected a total 18 steals. His per 40 minute steal rate is 0.8. His steal per 100 possession rate is 1.1.

How he can contribute at the next level:

  • Rebound; hit the offensive glass
  • Defend
  • Can play multiple positions
  • Potential double doubles
  • Creates match up problems for the defense at the PF slot


  • Rebounding
  • Defense
  • Length
  • Has some wing skills

Areas for improvement/Weakness/Question Marks:

  • Long range shooting
  • Can improve on his handle for his style of play
  • Lack of explosive NBA Athleticism


  • Born: July, 24, 1995
  • Hometown: Flint, Michigan
  • Major: Communications