Cody Williams (University Of Colorado): 6 Things That Standout On His Scouting Report

PAC-12 All Freshman Cody Williams

Profile: University of Colorado

Height: 6’ 8”

Weight: 190 LBS

Class: Freshman

Position: Small Forward

Cody Williams is a product of Gilbert, Arizona. He was also a member of the USA Basketball U19 Men’s National Team which competed at the 2023 FIBA World Cup in Hungary. Williams is currently a PAC-12 All-Freshman and ranks amongst the nation’s best NCAA freshmen.

However, given his NBA pedigree, none of this should come as a surprise. Cody is the youngest of three siblings. His brother Jalen Williams played at Santa Clara and was selected with the 12th overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft by the Oklahoma City Thunder. As a second-year standout, Jalen has solidified his status as a rising star in the NBA.

Cody, is projected as a top 5 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. But, does he have the potential to follow in his big brother’s footsteps and achieve success in the NBA? In this scouting report we take a look Cody’s potential, what he’ll bring to the table at the next level and discuss 6 things that standout on his scouting report. So, without further ado, let’s dive into one of the top 2024 NBA Draft prospects.

The Scouting Report

Cody Williams, projected top-5 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft.

The younger Williams is a versatile wing that can potentially be utilized at three positions. Those positions are the one, two or three. Once he bulks up and gets stronger he could potentially provide minutes at the power forward spot as well.

Freshman Cody Williams is primarily a two-way small forward with wing skills and disruptive length. He’s also an offensively efficient prospect that does most of his damage at the basket in the half court setting and transition but also capable of knocking down a jump shot. On the defensive end his impact may not pop off the stat sheet but he’s as equally impressive and effective on the gritty end of the floor.

What can you expect to see from Williams at the next level ?

  • A player that competes on both sides of the ball
  • Efficient close range scoring and a reliable finisher
  • A player at his best when attacking the rim but also very capable of knocking down a jump shot
  • A solid transition player
  • Vision and the ability to make the right pass
  • Glowing defensive potential
  • Room to grow as rebounder

#1. An Efficient Close Range Scorer And Reliable Finisher Equipped To Make A Living Around The Rim

However, at this stage of his career there’s a lack of offensive assertiveness and aggression on a consistent basis. As a result, his team doesn’t benefit from the constant state of stress that he’s capable of placing on the defense throughout the course of a game. In Williams’ defense he’s often the 3rd and sometimes the 4th option on many nights.

When Williams does decide to attack off the face up or against closeout defenders, he’s adept at getting defenders to bite on jab steps. Plus, as an average to above average slasher he possesses the skill sets to attack effectively going to his left or right with or without screens in most instances. Changing direction with in & outs, crossovers, spin moves or going behind his back are usually executed with ease and fluidity.

Williams can attack the baseline, get into the paint and to the basket. Yet on occasion when attacking his handle becomes shaky, he’s weak with the ball or runs into brick walls despite being a decent slasher. Nonetheless, Williams doesn’t give up on recovering plays but the end results are often tie-ups, lost possessions and sometimes fouls. He often tries to prevent these mishaps with strong cradling, cupping and shielding defenders away from the ball with his off arm in route to the basket.

When getting all the way to the basket and setting up close range field goal attempts off the dribble or on solid cuts (can catch defenders sleeping), Williams is more than likely going to eat from striking distance because he’s a reliable finisher and a efficient close range scorer.

The ways in which he’s sets up his close range field goal attempts are creative with a range of versatility that at times can even be unorthodox. By using solid footwork to rotate off his pivot after picking up his dribble Williams is able to create an opening towards the basket. He’s also fluid when attacking into a back down dribble before using a drop step to set up a right handed jump hook over smaller defenders.

In addition to drop step right handed jump hooks, Williams finishes with floaters, runners, layups with both hands and above the rim. However, due to his light frame and lack of strength he often gets bumped off balance on the way up. Often leading to off balance Antawn Jamison-ish unorthodox shot attempts while jumping off the wrong foot.

Yet, these off balance shots often works because Williams is more than capable of finishing through the contact to make tough shots. Also, for a player that attacks the basket as much as Williams does, surprisingly he doesn’t make more trips to the line despite his ability to draw fouls.

#2. Even Though Cody Williams’ Offense Is Most Potent From Close Range His Jump Shot Shows A lot Of Promise

Whether spotting up for three point catch & shoot opportunities in the half court or transition, Williams has the ability to knock down a jump shot. He’s also able to make overeager three-point line closeout defenders pay by attacking past them for a one or two dribble elbow extended mid range pull up jumper.

Being that Williams doesn’t shoot jumpers at volume from long distance or midrange it’s too early to know if jump shooting efficiency is just a smoke screen or a legit hot streak.

#3. The Vision To See Plays Unfold And The Passing Ability To Execute The Right Play

Whether playing with his back to the basket, facing a post double team, playing out of the pick & roll, leading the break, driving & kicking or dishing his passing ability is good enough to make the right play after finding a crack in the defense. However he has his moments of trying to force passes that get deflected or stolen from time to time.

#4. Glowing Potential To Become A Solid Defender

Williams is a decent defender with the glowing potential to become a solid one because of his desire to defend, hardwork, effort and length. His unofficial wingspan currently sits at 7’ 2”. Plus he does a good job of using his disruptive length to deflect passes.

As an on ball defender he moves his feet well to stay in front of ball handlers attempting to break him down off the dribble. When separation is created he’s more than capable of recovering and closing the distance with his length to effectively contest shots. On and off the ball his consistent effort and commitment to playing defense shows as he fights through screens to quickly close the gaps.

The main area of concern on the defensive end for Williams will be his adjustment period while defending stronger and more physical players at the NBA level. At the moment strong guards are able to muscle him off his square and drive through him in route to the basket. Some added pounds and muscle of his own should help mitigate this problem.

Overall, his defensive effort and intentions are pure. But as with many young players he makes occasional mistakes such as helping too far off of assignments. Often resulting in late recoveries on close out shot contests.

#5. Don’t Expect To See Him Consistently Seek Out And Chase Down Rebounds At This Stage Of His Career

Rebounding isn’t one of the strong points of Williams game at this stage of his career. He has the length and athleticism to produce more on the glass. Yet he doesn’t actively seek work on the glass to secure rebounds.

It appears as if the desire to hunt down rebounds outside of his area just isn’t there. However, he will put forth effort and battle to secure shots that bounce off the rim into his vicinity. When he does secure boards he can rebound and go. He often looks to push and start the fast break.

#6. A Threat From All Areas Of The Floor In Transition

Transition is one of the most impactful parts of Cody Williams’ game. This impact can be felt when he’s leading or filling the lanes on the break. He’s the type of player that goes coast to coast, spots up for catch & shoot threes, finds open teammates and finishes plays at the rim.

When the ball is in his hand he’s a threat to attack and get to the basket from all areas of the floor. Plus he regularly evades defenders blocking his path to the rim easily with euro steps.

At times his lift may appear limited but he’s athletic. But, with a full head of steam he brings some thunder for above the rim and or lob finishes. Same as in the half court expect to see the occasional off balance and jumping off the wrong foot unorthodox type of finishes on the break.

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