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“I watch NBA Draft prospects and think about which players would give the biggest return on investment if all prospects were given an equal opportunity”

— Dwayne Shannon, NBA Draft Specialist

Who are the top 5 NBA Draft prospects?

1.Terrance Arceneaux
Houston / 6-6 /180 lbs/ G-F /Fr
2.Efe Abogidi
G-League/ 6-10/225 lbs/ C/21 yr
3.Mark Armstrong
Villanova /6-3/175 lbs/ PG /Fr
4.Armando Bacot
North Carolina /6-10/ 240 lbs/ C/Sr
5.Marcus Bagley
Arizona St /6-8/ 215 lbs/ SF/Jr
6.Amari Bailey
UCLA/6-5/185 lbs/ G/Fr
7.Emoni Bates
E. Michigan/6-9/190 lbs/ SF/G

A lean small forward with an elite offensive wing skill set. Bates put points on the board and rebounds to expectation at his position.

Gifted with the offensive talent level of a lottery pick. This kid is a scorer that can create any shot he wants. He’s also adept at getting open for clean scoring opportunities via his off ball movement.

Solid ISO ability. Can attack downhill and he’s Kevin Durant-ish when shooting off the dribble. His setups with crossovers, change of direction or pace and step-backs are smooth.

Plus the stroke is fluid. His release is quick. He effortlessly shoots over smaller defenders. An impressive midrange pull-up to go with range that extends to NBA territory. It’s a thing of beauty when he catches a hot streak.

But there are also some knocks and question marks surrounding his game. For starters his 6’ 7.25” wingspan is less than ideal for a player his height.

Also, Bates is a one-way player who tends to be careless with the ball at times. Plus his shot selections are oftentimes questionable/tough low percentage field goal attempts. And when his shots aren’t falling his impact on the game is minimal.

Bates is capable of getting to the basket and finishing above the rim but his vertical is limited and far from explosive. So at times the end results are weak field goal attempts around the basket.

Not quite a game changer yet. While Bates can create for others he doesn’t make teammates better…Lacks defensive rebounding fundamentals. Doesn’t consistently find a body and/or box out… Read More
8.Anthony Black
Arkansas/6-7/195 lbs/ SG/Fr
9.Adem Bona
UCLA /6-10/ 225 lbs/ F/Fr
10.Jalen Bridges
Baylor /6-7/ 225 lbs/ SF/Jr
11.Nimari Burnett
Alabama/ 6-4/190 lbs/ SG/So
12.Malcolm Cazalon
France /6-6/ 185 lbs/ SG/ 21 yr
13.Sidy Cissoko
G-League / 6-8 /220 lbs/ SF /18 yr
14.Gradey Dick
Kansas/ 6-8/205 lbs/ G-F /Fr

As one of the youngest and top freshmen basketball players in the country Dick is showing that he’s more than just a shooter. He’s a scorer that knocks down shots, free throws, leak outs in transition and holds his own on defense. For the season the Kansas Jayhawks are 18-2 when Dick scores 9 or more points.

In the NBA Dick has the potential to become a solid two way starting caliber wing. His scoring, ability to space the floor and stretching the opposing teams’ defenses will translate at the next level. Plus he’ll continue to hold his own on the defensive side of the ball…Read more
15.Nikola Djurisic
Serbia /6-8/ 214 lbs/ F/ 18 yr
16.Adam Flagler
Baylor /6-3/185 lbs/ SG /Sr
17.Eric Gaines
UAB / 6-2 /150 lbs/PG /Jr
18.Dawson Garcia
Minnesota /6-11/ 235 lbs/ PF/So
19.Keyonte George
Baylor / 6-4 /185 lbs/SG /Fr

Keyonte George is a dynamic freshman shooting guard for the Baylor Bears. At just 19 years old he possesses the potential and a level of confidence that you love to see in a player at such a young age.

Head scratcher fact: The Baylor Bears are 11-5 when George scores 17 or more points and (9-2) when he scores less than 17 points.

George has the potential to succeed in a big way at the next level. He’s currently more of a project than an efficient NBA ready contributor. However George is the ideal project. Because the franchise that succeeds at unlocking his full potential will also uncover a gem…Read more
20.Jordan Hawkins
UConn/ 6-5/185 lbs/ SG /So
21.Scoot Henderson
NBA G-League Ignite/ 6-2 / 195 lbs/ PG/18 yr

A dynamic NBA G League Ignite prospect that’s compared to the likes of Ja Morant, Russell Westbrook, John Wall, Steve Francis and Derrick Rose. Upon entering the NBA Henderson will become one of the associations youngest players.

An athletic high usage combo guard that plays primarily at the one. An effective two level bucket getter. But with Henderson’s hot streak from downtown during his final games of the G League Showcase it’s clear to see the potential to become a legitimate three level scorer.

Henderson is projected as the 2nd pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. If not for Victor Wembanyama, Scoot Henderson would be projected as the first pick…Read more
22.Jalen Hood-Schifino
Indiana /6-5/ 210 lbs/ G/Fr
23.Jett Howard
Michigan /6-8/ 215 lbs/ G-F/Fr

The Big Ten’s best NBA prospect. At just 19 years old Howard is a scoring wing with tons of potential. A solid shot creator and two level scorer that attacks effectively with his jump shot. The Wolverines are 4-2 on season when Howard shoots 43% or better from downtown.

At the next level a 3 &D role most closely fits Howard’s skill set…Read more
24.Ariel Hukporti
Germany/ 7-0/250 lbs/ C /20 yr
25.Harrison Ingram
Stanford /6-6 /230 lbs/ SF /So
26.GG Jackson
S.Carolina / 6-9 /210 lbs/ PF-C /Fr

A versatile NBA Draft prospect that provides options. Can develop into a 3 & D small forward, a stretch four or both. At just 18 years old Jackson is showing the potential to become a legit two way forward at the next level.

A glass cleaner with the knack for offensive boards..Defensively Jackson is alert, engaged and locked in. Defense will be his calling card in the NBA… Read more
27.Trayce Jackson-Davis
Indiana /6-9/245 lbs/ PF/Sr

The son of Dale Davis, a former successful NBA player. Hailing from Greenwood, Indiana Trayce Jackson Davis may be the best player in college basketball through the first half of the season.

Indiana’s left handed double-double forward/center is their go to guy. This season Jackson Davis is proving to be an efficient scorer, a top notch rebounder, a terrific shot blocker, a surprisingly good passer and a big that runs the floor.

Jackson Davis’ offensive efficiency has provided Indiana with a huge boost that leads to positive outcomes. The Hoosiers are 9-0 thus far this season when Jackson Davis makes at least 56% of his field goal attemptsRead more
28.Jaime Jaquez Jr
UCLA /6-7/ 225 lbs/ SF/Sr

Jaime Jaquez Jr. is one of the best all-around players in the Pac-12. A UCLA Bruin guard/forward that competes hard on both sides of the ball. At the collegiate level Jaquez impacts the game with his scoring, rebounding and defense. The Bruins are 9-1 when Jaquez scores in double digits while shooting over 50% from the field.

In the NBA Jaquez has good size for a shooting guard and decent size for a small forward. Plus his ability to slash, post up smaller defenders, work the offensive glass and continue to be a defensive irritant will translate at the next level…Read More
29.Colby Jones
Xavier / 6-6 /205 lbs/G-F /Jr
30.Arthur Kaluma
Creighton /6-7/ 220 lbs/ F/So
31.Dereck Lively
Duke /7-1/ 215 lbs/ C/Fr
32.Chris Livingston
Kentucky/ 6-6/220 lbs/ SG /Fr
33.Kyle Lofton
Florida /6-3/ 185 lbs/ PG/Sr
34.Caleb Love
North Carolina /6-4/ 195 lbs/ G/Jr

Earned ACC All Freshman 1st Team status in year one. In year two became 2022 NCAA All Region and a 2nd Team member on the All Tournament squad. By year three most have a good feel for who he is as a player beyond the accolades.

Love came into UNC as a point guard. So he has the ability to play out of the pick & roll and make plays. But he’s a scorer first in current role. As an above the rim athletic scoring combo guard Love is most effective when slashing or attacking in transition.

In addition to slashing Love is more than capable of knocking down a jumper. Yet consistency in this area is the key to opening up his offensive game and taking it to the next level.

Love is also showing the traits of an Iron man. He’s tasked with a heavy load of minutes. Plus he rarely misses collegiate games if any to date.

Defensively can get into passing lanes and turn defense into offense…Good ft shooter…Read More
35.Mike Miles
TCU /6-2/ 195 lbs/ G/Jr
36.Baba Miller
Florida St /6-11 /205 lbs/ F /Fr
37.Brandon Miller
Alabama /6-9 /200 lbs/ SF /Fr

The typical age of a freshman entering college is 17 or 18. Miller is currently 20 years old. So his game is more polished and mature than the average first year player.

Regardless of age his upside is high. The future shines bright for this Kyle Kuzma-ish type forward. His game is smooth and versatile.

From a physical standpoint Miller is lean and athletic. He stands at the ideal height of an NBA four. But his frame is built like the ideal NBA wing.

A scorer with a dangerous long range jumper that extends out to NBA territory. Limited lift but has a quick release and fluid stroke. Looking to pull the trigger if given daylight.

Miller’s scoring is not limited to jump shots. His handle is above average for his size. He has the ability to create and beat defenders off the dribble. Plus he gets to the line, knocks down free throws and puts in work on the offensive glass.

His feel for the game is solid. The vision is decent. Can find and create for others in pick & roll action and in transition. Although his passes are not always on point…Has the potential to play some point forward.

Defensively he’s not a game changer nor a liability. Just a middle of the pack defender with the potential to be a good defender. Can get into passing lanes for steals and turn defense into offense. He holds his own.

His overall offensive inefficiency, which he is working hard to improve, and his tendency to turn the ball over are currently two of the biggest criticisms of his game…Read more
38.Leonard Miller
G-League /6-10 /210 lbs/ SF /Fr
39.Dillon Mitchell
Texas /6-8 /205 lbs/ SF /Fr
40.Tre Mitchell
W. Virginia /6-9/ 225 lbs/ PF/Sr
41.Isiaih Mosley
Missouri /6-5/195 lbs/ SF /Jr
42.Kris Murray
Iowa /6-8/225 lbs/ F /Jr

A native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Born on August 19th, 2000 Kris Murray has an identical twin brother, Keegan Murray, who currently plays in the NBA for the Sacramento Kings. At 22 years old, Murray is one of the oldest juniors in the country.

He’s also one of the Big Ten’s brightest stars. Murray is a lefty that impacts the game with his scoring, rebounding and defense. The Iowa Hawkeyes are 6-0 this season when Murray scores at least 14 points on 61% plus shooting to go along with 6 boards or more.

At the next level Murray can become a legit two way player. A small forward that will defend, rebound at his position, and serve as a third or sixth man scoring option. Expect his game to elevate once he improves his jump shot accuracy and handle…Read More
43.Ousmane Ndiaye
Senegal/ 7-2 /210 lbs/ PF-C /18 yr
44.James Nnaji
Nigeria /6-10/ 200 lbs/ C/18 yr
45.Drew Peterson
USC /6-9/195 lbs/ SG /Sr
46.Juian Phillips
Tennessee /6-8/190 lbs/ SF /Fr
47.Tyrese Proctor
Duke /6-5/ 180 lbs/ PG/Fr
48.Courtney Ramey
Arizona /6-3/ 185 lbs/ PG/Sr
49.Rayan Rupert
France/ 6-6 /185 lbs/ SG /18 yr
50.Marcus Sasser
Houston / 6-2 /195 lbs/ PG /Sr
51.Baylor Scheierman
Creighton /6-7/ 200 lbs/ SG/Sr
52.Terrence Shannon
Illinois/ 6-6/215 lbs/ SG /Sr
53.Nick Smith Jr
Arkansas /6-5/185 lbs/ G /Fr

Born in Jacksonville, Arkansas. A McDonald’s All-American that entered Arkansas as one of the nation’s top recruits. Smith brought the reputation of a combo guard, scorer, facilitator, playmaker and a dangerous shooter according to some circles.

Although everything mentioned has yet to be seen on a consistent basis at the collegiate level. One must keep in mind that Smith is only 5 games in and fresh off a right knee injury that forced him to miss the first 6 games of this season. Could this be the reason?

What we have seen is a SG with the ideal size for the position. A guard that has the ability to create his shot, moves well without the ball, and a solid FT shooter. A guard that’s also capable of scoring and finding teammates in the half court setting and transition.

Smith is also part of a group of NBA Draft prospects with USA basketball ties. He was on the 2022 team USA Nike Hoop Summit roster…Read more
54.Terquavion Smith
NC State / 6-4 /165 lbs/ G /So
55.J.J. Starling
Notre Dame /6-4/ 195 lbs/ G/Fr
56.Isaiah Stevens
Colorado St /6-0/ 185 lbs/ PG/Sr
57.Julian Strawther
Gonzaga /6-7/210 lbs/ SF /Jr
58.Drew Timme
Gonzaga /6-9/ 230 lbs/F-C/Sr
59.Amen Thompson
Overtime Elite/ 6-7 / 202 lbs/ G-F/19 yr

A well rounded prospect with good size for his position. An explosive two way guard with the ability to score, defend, create for others, knock down free throws and rebound. Plus he does it all in entertaining fashion.

In the half court he’s quick and crafty. A downhill attacker with beat the defender off the dribble type of handle. His ability to ISO often leaves flat footed defenders behind. This kid is legit problem off the bounce.

Thompson gets to the basket. A creative finisher that can play above the rim or finish with acrobatic finesse. In transition he’s fast with ball in hand. At the rim he’s showtime in the open floor.

Amen can also create for others. Solid playmaking ability. Good vision and decent passing skills.

Defensively he moves well. His lateral movement is on point. Plus he gets into passing lanes and elevates off of his feet quickly to contest shots along the perimeter and at the basket.

Cutting down on turnovers and long range shooting are his areas of improvement… Read more
60.Ausar Thompson
Overtime Elite/ 6-7 / 207 lbs/ G-F/19 yr
61.Yohan Traore
Auburn /6-10/ 225 lbs/ F/Fr
62.Oscar Tshiebwe
Kentucky /6-9/ 260 lbs/ PF-C/Sr

Hakeem Olajuwon is the reason why he wears number 34. Tshiebwe doesn’t have the offensive repertoire nor shake like The Dream in the post but his role at the next level will be that of a dream role player.

Nicknamed the “Big O” because of a strong physique or because he plays big? His strong physical frame comes equipped with a 7’ 5” wingspan. And when you combine his strapping physical stature with solid footwork and sticky pad hands you get the ideal role player that’s very competent at doing his team’s dirty work.

Tshiebwe is a load to deal with on the inside. He competes and is a monster on the boards. A double double big that cleans the offensive glass, finishes plays around the rim, runs the floor, and has the capability to blocks shots…Read more
63.Azuolas Tubelis
Arizona / 6-10 /245 lbs/PF /Jr
64.Jarace Walker
Houston /6-8/ 235 lbs/ F/Fr
65.Cason Wallace
Kentucky /6-4 /195 lbs/ PG /Fr
66.Jordan Walsh
Arkansas /6-7/ 200 lbs/ F/Fr
67.Kel’el Ware
Oregon /7-0 /210 lbs/ C /Fr
68.Victor Wembanyama
France/ 7-2 /210 lbs/ C /18 yr
The projected first pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. A generational talent that’s compared to the likes of aliens, unicorns and many NBA greats….The most highly touted NBA prospect since Lebron James. A transformative big man with the potential to play all five positions…Whether Wembanyama is officially 7’ 2”, 7’ 4” or somewhere in between he will immediately become one of the tallest players if not the tallest in the NBA…Read more
69.Chance Westry
Auburn / 6-6 /190 lbs/ G /Fr
70.Dariq Whitehead
Duke /6-6 /190 lbs/ SF /Fr

Considered to be a high lottery pick by many analysts at the beginning of the season, Whitehead’s stock has since fallen as he has struggled to live up to his pre-college hype.

He’s currently projected to be selected in the middle to late first round if he decides to enter the draft. For Whitehead, whose 2022–2023 season has been significantly affected by injury, things have not gone as planned. He only participated in 20 of Duke’s first 28 games, and he has found it difficult to settle in with the Blue Devils. 

Whitehead’s underwhelming rookie campaign has raised the possibility that he would decide to stay for his sophomore campaign in an effort to obtain a higher draft position that can come from expanding upon his exceptional shooting ability. 

Right now, Whitehead’s best course of action should be to think about perhaps playing another season in order to reaffirm his status as a top-5 or top-10 draft prospect. He could gain steam from a prosperous 2023 NCAA Tournament showing, where Duke, though not as good as previous years, should have a decent seed…Read more
71.Cameron Whitmore
Villanova/ 6-7 /210 lbs/ G-F /Fr

The Villanova Wildcats’ Cam Whitmore is one of the most fascinating freshmen basketball players in the NCAA this season. His potential, strength, toughness, and athleticism as he competes with tenacity on both sides of the ball are just some of the reasons Whitmore is currently projected as a top 10 lottery pick in the 2023 NBA Draft.

After missing the first seven games of the season due to an injury suffered in the preseason Villanova got off to 2-5 start during his absence. But since the return of the Big East’s Freshman Of The Year they’ve accumulated 14 wins and 10 losses. Read more
72.Jalen Wilson
Kansas/ 6-7/225 lbs/ F /Jr

One of the best all-around players in college basketball. This year’s go to guy for the Kansas Jayhawks. He’s scoring, rebounding, getting to the line, knocking down his free throws and defending. Cool fact: The Jayhawks are 8-0 in Wilson’s scoring and rebounding double-double games.

Played a major role in the Jayhawks’ 2022 NCAA championship title run. Tested the waters of the last two NBA Drafts. Returned to school and now raising his draft stock…Read more
73.Isaiah Wong
Miami /6-3/ 185 lbs/ G/Sr


1. Demetric Horton
North Carolina A&T/ 6-5 /200 lbs/ G/Sr
2. Tyrone Lyons
Southern /6-7 /190 lbs/G-F /Sr
3.Steve Settle III
Howard University /6-10/175 lbs/ F /Jr