Unveiling 1 Amazing Icon: Who Is On The NBA Logo?

Jerry West is believed to the the player who is on the NBA logo.

The NBA logo is one of the most legendary emblems in sports, surpassing the logos of most other sports leagues in fame. The logo itself contains a white silhouette of a player, on top of a blue and red rectangle with rounded edges, along with “NBA” listed in large white lettering. Many sports unfamiliar with the history behind the logo may ask, “Who is on the NBA logo?”

Jerry West is the NBA logo silhouette, himself one of the best players in NBA history. Over a 14-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers from 1960 to 1974, West averaged 27 PPG, 6.7 APG, and 5.8 RPG. He was named an all-star every year of his career, made the All-NBA 1st Team 6 different times, and was a key member of the legendary 1972 Lakers championship team.

NBA Logo Design History

The current NBA logo was designed by brand consultant Alan Siegel in 1969, who had derived inspiration from a photograph of West taken by Wen Roberts. Siegel showed the design to Walter Kennedy, the commissioner of the league at the time, who immediately loved the design and introduced it as the league’s logo. Kennedy himself did not know at the time that the silhouette outline featured West.

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Old NBA Logos – What did the NBA Logo look like before Jerry West?

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd old NBA logos.

The NBA implemented 3 different logos before Siegel’s model in 1969. The first logo, used from 1950 to 1953, was simply a white circle representing a basketball. It contained the phrase “National Basketball Association” in large red font, along with the current year printed at the top of the design, also in red font. The poor design quality and positioning of the lettering made it appear like a baseball instead of a basketball.

The second logo was an orange basketball with “NBA” written in large white font across the front and was used from 1953 to 1962. The third logo, which the league used from 1962 to 1969, was a white basketball with “NBA” listed diagonally in black font across the front of the ball.

Those who inquire, “Who is the player on the NBA logo?” may be surprised to find out that Jerry West does not get any money from his likeness being featured on the logo. Although Siegel has made it known that West was the player featured on the logo, he never officially informed Walter Kennedy that this was the case.

The NBA has never publicly acknowledged that West is the player on the design, despite Siegel’s admission. Because West has never been officially recognized as the logo by the league, he probably cannot receive any royalties or other forms of compensation.

Many speculate that the league refuses to publicly admit the image is West since they don’t want to pay him. West himself was never asked permission for his likeness to be used and has grown to dislike being associated with the design. It is possible that if West would ever go to court over the issue, he could win a settlement over his likeness being used.

A recent push was made to make Kobe Bryant the logo in the wake of his tragic death in a helicopter crash. Other players who have been suggested as logos include Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan, and Lebron James. However, the NBA has not specified plans to change its legendary logo any time soon.

One Of The Most Legendary Emblems In Sports History

This NBA logo is one of the most legendary emblems in sports history.

Many sports fans may ask, “Who is the person on the NBA logo?”, being unfamiliar with the story of how it came into existence. Although it is well known that Jerry West is the player silhouette, the NBA has never acknowledged this fact. The NBA’s logo will most likely continue well into the future as it has become synonymous with the league and is widely recognized in the United States and throughout the world.