#13 Jett Howard College Stats, Profile, NBA Draft Scouting Report, Projections, Accolades & Latest News

Jett Howard, Michigan Wolverine's Star freshman small forward

Height: 6’ 8”

Weight: 215 lbs

School: Michigan

Class: Freshman

Position: Guard/Forward

Hometown: Miami, Florida

DOB: September 14, 2003

Jett Howard is probably the top NBA Draft prospect from the Big Ten this season, having a very good freshmen year with the Michigan Wolverines. A great offensive small forward, Howard is averaging 15.0 PPG, 2.6 RPG, and 2.2 APG through 23 games in the 2022-2023 season, all while shooting 39% from 3-point range and 80% from the free throw line. He is most likely a late lottery pick in the 2023 NBA Draft, with the potential to sneak into the top 10.

But who is Jett Howard really? M Go Blue TV recently sat down with him and obtained the answer to this exact question.

Recruitment and Early Career

Howard attended NSU University School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the first 2 years of his high school career. He then transferred to the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, a private preparatory boarding school and sports training academy.

Although he seriously considered NC State, Tennessee, and Georgetown, Howard eventually chose to attend Michigan. Jett’s Dad, Juwon Howard, the current head coach of the Wolverines, ended up being the deciding factor in his decision to attend Michigan. Juwon Howard was a key member of the famous Fab Five Michigan teams of the early 90s and had a successful career in the NBA.

The Jett Howard AAU journey was very successful, with his team, Nightrydas, being one of the best teams in the Nike EYBL circuit. Although the Nightrydas had a plethora of offensive talent, the coaching staff put a large emphasis on the defensive end of the floor, helping to mold Howard into a better defender.


Currently in his freshmen season, Jett Howard is just 19 years old but has shown great poise beyond his years in his high level of play. He will undoubtedly be ready to play in the NBA during the 2023-2024 NBA season, his elite pedigree being a major plus to his adjustment into the league.

Jersey Number

Howard currently wears the number 13 at Michigan, which is the same number he wore while attending the IMG academy. He will most likely wear the number 13 at the professional level as long as a fellow veteran teammate doesn’t already wear this number.

How tall is Howard?

With a height of 6 feet, 8 inches, Howard is the ideal size to be a small forward in the NBA. He is a good shooter and has great offensive versatility which will allow him to most likely be able to play 3 different positions in the league, shooting guard, small forward, and power forward.

Who is Jett Howard’s Mom?

Howard’s mother is Jenine Wardally, the wife of Juwon Howard, who has been married to Juwon since 2002. Wardally and Howard originally met at a party hosted by Alonzo Mourning during Howard’s 2nd season in the NBA.

In addition to Jett, they have another older son named Jace, who also plays basketball at Michigan. Wardally has had success as an author, singer, and fashion model, while also undertaking various philanthropic works to help those in need. She is the founder of The Juice Foundation, a charity that promotes the eating of healthy, nutritious, and natural foods.

What you will find on A Jet Howard NBA Draft Scouting Report

Collegiate overview

Howard is a scoring wing tons of potential. One that effectively attacks at two levels with his jump shot. Most of his damage is done from behind the three point line. 

A skilled shot creator. However he takes many tough and closely guarded shots so his field goal percentage maybe lower than you would like to see. But he also connects regularly on many of these attempts .The Michigan Wolverines are 4-2 when Howard shoots 43% or higher from downtown this season. 

Scorer by way of the jump-shot
Jaime Jaquez Jr and sister Gabriel

Howard’s offensive game relies heavily on his jump shot. Whether shooting off the dribble or catching & shooting Howard is the type that can light the defense up from anywhere on the floor once he crosses the half court mark. 

He takes and makes a lot of threes, pulls from deep, has NBA range and goes on hot streaks. Howard can get his shot with or without screens. Plus he doesn’t need much room. Knocking down closely guarded, tough and contested shots are a skill that Howard makes look like second nature. 

Shooting off the dribble 

Creating a shot off the dribble comes fairly easy to Howard. His handle is solid. In iso situations he skillfully creates separation with hesitations, crossovers, spin moves, drop steps and step backs to set up jump shots and fade aways (sometimes off one leg). This area of Howard’s game is fluid for the most part but it can be a bit stiff on occasion. 

When attacking around screens, receiving handoffs or running his man off of screens Howard is dangerous. If given any amount of daylight he’s looking to shoot. 

Catch & shoot

While there may not be much lift on his jump shot Howard is still a solid shooter when coming off screens or flashing to the foul line area. The potency of his jump shot is the result of a quick trigger release and smooth catch & shoot mechanics.

Also, having an all net silky soft type of touch makes the defense respect Howard’s shot. So it’s not surprising when you see Howard raise closeout defenders off their feet with shot fakes. Which often paves the way for a pull up after one or two dribbles or a drive to the basket. 

Getting to basket 

Howard is capable of getting to the basket off the dribble or with off ball movement for scoring opportunities. However they amount to far less field goal attempts and positive outcomes in comparison to when he utilizes his jump shot.

Getting to the basket with dribble 

Attacking and getting to the basket or finding cutters and shooters off the dribble are not Howard’s strengths but he can do it. With hesitations and change of direction dribbles he’s capable of blowing by defenders and fending them off with his shoulders. Jump stops and up & under step throughs are occasionally used to setup field goal attempts. 

When Howard takes flight it’s often from the mid block area. He finishes with runners and layups. However due to a lack of explosive vertical athleticism his close range field goal attempts are susceptible to shot contesters and blockers. 

In transition Howard does a good job of taking advantage of smaller guys in the post.


Can he defend at an elite level? The jury is still out. But you see Howard’s potential when he exhibits the anticipation needed to get into passing lanes for steals. Or when he doesn’t give up on plays. He often trails behind and is slowed down when chasing through screens. Howard tries his best and has occasional success when contesting and blocking shots from behind. 


Not much of a rebounder. But he boxes out and grabs boards in his vicinity. You’ll also see the occasional tip in put-back basket from Howard. 

At the next level

At the next level Howard is a small forward whose game most closely fits the mold of a 3 & D NBA wing. But first he’ll have to prove that he can defend well on a nightly basis. 

Reaching his full NBA potential

Will scoring by way of the jump-shot be Howard’s only reliable skill? He has the potential to become more than just a three & D small forward. The question that needs to be asked is “what else can be developed at the next level?”

The keys to unlocking Howard’s game and impact at the next level are:

1. Become a three level scorer.

2. Improving ability to get to the basket off the dribble.

3. Prove that he can defend well on a nightly basis. 

Howard’s 2022-2023 NCAA STATS


2022-2023 Season and Beyond

Jett Howard will most likely be the top NBA prospect from the Big Ten this season, possessing an impressive array of offensive talent. His above average outside shooting ability, athleticism, and height all make him an ideal fit for the modern NBA. Unfortunately, Michigan is having a disappointing season through 23 games, sitting above .500 at 14-11, and will most likely not make the 2023 NCAA Tournament.

Therefore, Howard will not get a late-season boost to his draft status from a successful tournament run that other prospects sometimes get. However, he should still be a relatively high 1st round pick, falling in the 10 to 14 range. He has a good chance to be a successful NBA starting small forward, functioning primarily as a reliable spot-up shooter from the outside.

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