Rob Dillingham: Analyzing 5 Skill Set Areas Of A Future NBA Star

Rob Dillingham, NBA Draft Scouting Report

It’s no surprise that Rob Dillingham’s favorite player is Kobe Bryant. He’s a guard that’s wired to score. While he’s dangerous as an off-ball shooter Dillingham is at his best when the ball is in his hands. Making the transition to a scoring point guard at the next level will maximize his potential. Plus it will ensure that the ball will be in his hands often. 

Dillingham is currently projected as a top-3 pick. In a class that’s wide open, he has a strong case to be the number one pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. So, what will one of the top 2024 NBA Draft prospects bring to the team that selects him on draft night?

  • The potential to become one of the perennial All-Stars to come out of the 2024 draft. 
  • A gutsy, aggressive and efficient offensive player
  • A scorer that impacts the game with instant offense
  • A shooter that can shoot with the best of them from long distance
  • A slashing speedy and shifty guard
  • A playmaker that creates for teammates in addition to scoring
  • Energy

Expect a career trajectory similar to fellow former Wildcat Tyrese Maxey, barring any setbacks or being held back. Next, take a look at 5 things you will find on Rob Dillingham’s scouting report. 

5 Things You Will Finds On Rob Dillingham’s Scouting Report

#1. A Confident and Dangerous Shooter With NBA Range

Dillingham is a dangerous shooter. He comes equipped with a pure stroke, a quick flick of the wrist and a high level of accuracy from long distance with range that extends into NBA territory. There is no hesitation when pulling the trigger if given daylight. His confidence shines through as he knocks down shots off the face up, the dribble, attacking around screens and in catch & shoot situations.

#2. A Serious Threat With The Ball In His Hand

Rob Dillingham, 2024 NBA Draft Prospect

When handling the rock, Dilingham is a quick and shifty guard that keeps the ball on a string. He’s a threat that can’t be taken lightly in the half court, early offense or in transition before the defense sets. Defenders struggle to stay in front of him when he attacks the basket. Speed is the weapon he uses to pick and gets to his spots with straight line drives, crossovers, in & outs, hesitations, and behind the back change of directions.

Whether attacking off dribble handoffs, past closeout defenders, out of the pick & roll or in isolation,  Dillingham uses quick fakes, an explosive first step and speed to attack gaps and openings after spotting them. He has the type of handle that’s more than capable of dropping defenders with a UTEP 2-step. Plus, he splits showing pick & roll defenders with quick crossovers. 

Dillingham gets baseline, into the paint, and to the basket. However, he occasionally has turnover issues when penetrating. There are times when the ball is poked loose from behind, he loses footing and control of the ball or makes an errant pass. 

When the defense is unable to disrupt his penetration jumps stops are effectively used to set up field goal attempts. Plus he evades defenders with good footwork and euro-steps to get to the basket. Moreover, he’s not afraid to challenge help defenders at the basket. 

Dillingham frequently attacks into his defender’s chest, making body to body contact on the way up. So, he’s more than capable of drawing fouls. Also, it doesn’t hurt that he’s a good free throw shooter. 

Finishing is one of the strong points of Dillingham’s game. He has excellent body control, hang time and creativity. Runners, floaters, leaners, acrobatic scoop shots, fade-aways, dunks, reverse layups, and regular layups with both hands are in his arsenal of finishes. An acrobatic beneath the rim finisher in the half court and at times an above the rim athletic finisher in the open floor.

With elite speed, Dillingham is a very fast player from end to end. He’s a guard that likes to rebound and go. Just as in the half court setting, the ball is on a string in the open floor. Defenders in his way are skillfully evaded with in & outs, hesitations, crossovers and behind the back change of direction dribbles. Dilingham can get into the paint and go coast to coast.

#3. A Creative Passer That Finds Teammates But Also Has Risky And Flashy Moments

Dillingham is creative playmaker. Not only can he create for himself, he can do the same for others. Whether playing out of the pick & roll or driving and drawing help defense, Dillingham has the passing ability and vision to find shooters, cutters and bigs at the basket. 

On occasion he has the tendency to be a bit flashy with his bounce and no look passes. Also, he gets into trouble from time to time attempting to make passes after leaving his feet leading to deflections and interceptions. 

#4. Defense Is An Area Of Concern But Flashes Potential Of The Defender That He Can Become

At this stage of his career Dillingham is a defensive liability. As the first line of defense he’s currently a turnstile. The weak spot in the defense that ushers drive, draw & dishes or penetration that lead to easy baskets especially when there is no help defense present to protect the rim. However, it’s not due to a lack of effort on his part. The initial effort is there. 

Dillingham is an energetic and engaged on ball defender. He gets low in his defensive stance while keeping ball handlers on their toes by poking at and faking attempts to steal the ball. It’s his over eagerness while applying pressure as he pushes up on ball handlers that leaves him vulnerable to getting blown by and beaten off the dribble. He’s yet to figure out how to consistently keep the right balance of applying ball pressure and distance. Therefore he often struggles to stay in front of his man. 

Also, on and off the ball, he struggles to defend through screens. This often results in him trailing behind his man. Plus it doesn’t help that his attempts to catch up from behind and recover can be perceived as lazy. Off the ball Dillingham has some bad habits to break. He has his moments of being aloof and tends to lose sight of his man on cuts while ball watching.

With that being said his defense isn’t all bad. In addition to having the ability to turn defense into offense by getting into passing lanes, Dillingham will have possessions in which he flashes the potential of a good defender. He shows the ability to stay in front of his man while sliding his feet and sticking to attacking ball handlers like glue. Moreover, he’s capable of being discipline enough to stay down on shot fakes while effectively contesting shots. 

Defensive consistency and growth is the key for him at the next level. Can he dig down and defend with focus and discipline each on each possession? Also, being that Dillingham’s defense is an area of concern, the basic physical attributes which effect a players ability to defend such as length, weight and height hold some importance. 

Will he continue to build on his slight 176 lbs frame so that the physicality in the NBA will not be an issue? How tall is he really? Is he 6’1” plus change or his 6’ 3” listed height at Kentucky? What is his official wingspan? Hopefully he measures up at the Draft Combine as it will answer these questions for many front offices. 

#5. Rebounds In His Area

Dillingham doesn’t work the offensive glass but he is a guard that rebounds in his defensive area. In addition to often looking to push after securing boards, Dillingham will occasionally seek opportunities for easy baskets in transition by leaking out. 

When shots go up, Dillingham usually looks for a body and attempts to box out. However he sometimes starts to leak out when he should be boxing out. Leaving his team susceptible to long offensive rebounds in the areas in which should have been covered by Dillingham.

Profile: #0 Kentucky Wildcats

Height: 6’ 3” (unofficial)

Weight: 176 LBS (unofficial)

Wingspan: TBD

Standing Reach: TBD

Position: Point Guard/Guard

Class: Freshman

Hometown: Hickory, North Carolina

DOB: 1/4/2005 (19 yrs old)

2023-24 NCAA Season Stats Per Game


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