Zaccharie Risacher: Breaking Down A Top 2024 NBA Draft Prospect

Zaccharie Risacher is a projected Top-5 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft.

Zaccharie Risacher’s father played professional basketball. Stephane Risacher won a silver medal while playing for France in the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Stephane also played in the EuroLeague for six years. This is the man that Zaccharie credits for teaching him everything.

In addition to watching him play, Zaccharie and his dad worked out together from young age. At the age of three Stephane started teaching Zaccharie how to shoot from long distance. Fast forward 15 years to the summer of 2023. Zaccharie took his shot at a larger role, exposure and opportunity.

Zaccharie’s decision to leave his LDLC ASVEL Villeurnbanne team to join Mincidelice JL Bourg en Bresse club proved to be a wise move. By the end of his debut season the majority of the EuroLeague’s head coaches voted to honor Risacher with the EuroCup Rising Star award. This award recognizes the best player in the EuroCup under the age of 22. Since the award’s inception in 2009, Risacher is the only French player to receive this honor.

So, how high will this young star continue to rise? At the next level in the early stages of his career Risacher has the potential to carve out a role as a solid 3 & D guy that also finishes at the basket. However, if given the opportunity to do so, he’s likely to evolve into a complete well rounded NBA player as his career progresses.

Zaccharie Risacher is currently projected as a top-5 draft pick. As one of the top 2024 NBA Draft prospects he will add the following to an NBA roster:

  • Potential 
  • Solid wing defender
  • Wiry strong small forward that could potentially play the two as well.
  • Combination of athleticism and positional size on the wing
  • A wing that can knock down shots

Next, let’s take a look at Zaccharie Risacher’s scouting report. Here are 5 areas of his game that will translate at next level. 

5 Things On Zaccharie Risacher’s Scouting Report That Translate At The Next Level

#1. Finishes Plays At The Basket In Transition And Half Court Settings

A big part of Risacher’s offensive production comes from finishing plays around the basket. He runs the floor well and reads defensive situations to spots openings in the half court. With his off ball movement he cuts and creates angles that put him in good positions to be found by his teammates in the half court, BOBs, SOBs, early offense and transition settings. He’s also capable of creating his own field goal attempts at the basket by attacking off the dribble.

Strong power dribbles followed by a shoulder dropped into his defender’s chest is used to create space when setting up field goal attempts. Risacher finishes with both hands, acrobatically with scoop shots etc, above the rim and catches lobs. At times he jumps off the wrong foot but he’s capable of finishing when contested and through contact. 

#2. Shooting Is The Second Strongest Aspect Of His Offensive Game

Zaccharie Risacher is a projected Top-5 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft.

The second strongest part of his offensive game is his shooting. Risacher is a forward that knocks down shots. While he may not have much lift on his elevation, he makes up for it with a quick and high release. Plus his range extends to a step or two behind the three point line.

He’s ready when drive & kick or extra possession rebound kick out passes find him. His catch & shoot release is fluid. Risacher also uses, jab steps, shot fakes, a couple of dribbles, side steps and step backs to set up his shots off the dribble. 

#3. Effective Attacking Off The Dribble Against Adjusting Defenders

Off the dribble, Risacher’s strength lies in attacking against adjusting defenders. He does a good job of selling the pop after picking. He’s effective at penetrating past defenders who switch and close out in the half-court, as well as in early offense and transition, capitalizing before the defense can fully set itself up.

Risacher can change direction between his legs and behind his back etc off the dribble but it’s the strong deliberate straight line drives in both directions that get him into the paint and to the basket. However, there’s room for improving his awareness of where he is on the court at all times. Risacher tends to step on out of bounds lines. Especially when attempting to attack past closeout or rotating defenders from the corners. 

#4. Defends Like He Has A Fear Of Missing Out

Risacher is a solid defender. He’s active, covers a lot of ground, locks in, engages and doesn’t shy away from physical play. His defensive impact is felt on and off the ball.

On the ball, Risacher pushes up and get into ball handlers. He gets low in his stance, bodies up and slides his feet well to stay with those trying to break him down off the dribble. Risacher gets defensive stops with solid shot contests and cuts off penetration forcing attackers to reset or pass off to teammates. 

At times he pays the price for defending over aggressively. A stop on a dime or a sharp change of direction by a shifty ball handler can creating space sending him flying in the opposite direction. But he doesn’t give up on plays and will try to recover to contest shots.

Off the ball, Risacher is an active defender that covers a lot of ground. He makes an honest effort to stay with his man while chasing and fighting through screens. Plus, he’s a defender that’s ready to help at a moments notice. 

When helping Risacher switches, rotates, double teams, contest shots and attempts to pick pockets like he has a fear of missing out. Plus he recovers like a pin ball to contest shots after helping off of his man. He wants to be involved in the action. 

Risacher is a defender that can be relied upon when switching on the perimeter. However he struggles to defend against bigs when the switch happens at the basket. In transition, Risacher runs hard, gets back on defense, contest shots on the perimeter and at the basket. Balls that are poked loose tend to find him. He has a knack for recovering them.

#5. Has Potential To Be A Solid Rebounder At The Small Forward Slot

At the small forward position, Risacher has the potential to be a productive rebounder on both sides of the ball. He’s athletic, crashes the glass and has a nose for where the ball is going to come off the rim.

On the defensive end, he boxes out for the most part, knows how to secure his position, actively pursues rebounds, and has the athleticism to go up and get the ball off the rim in crowded areas. He also does a good job of securing loose rebounds. Risacher’s handle is good enough to rebound and go but his handle can also be shaky in the open floor at times. 

Zaccharie Risacher Profile: #10 Mincidelice JL Bourg en Bresse

Height: 6’ 8”(Unofficial)

Weight: 205 LBS (Unofficial)

Wingspan: 6’ 10.5” (Unofficial)

Position: SF|SG

Hometown: France

Birthplace: Malaga, Spain

DOB: 4/8/2005 (19 yrs old)

Zaccharie Risacher: 2023-24 Stats Per Game


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