A Scoot Henderson Basketball Reference: 8 Things We Know And Don’t Know About This Dynamic NBA Draft Prospect

Scoot Henderson basketball star for the NBA G League Ignite

We all know that Scoot Henderson is a dynamic G League basketball player, NBA Draft prospect and much more. Yet there are many things we don’t know about the potential second pick in the 2023 NBA Draft.

This article is a Scoot Henderson basketball reference that touches on 8 things we know and don’t know about the NBA G League Ignite superstar after 6 games. Let’s dive in!

1. Scoot Henderson G League full season stats are yet to be determined but…

Despite being projected as the second best prospect in the 2023 NBA Draft Henderson is currently not ranking in the top 5 averages for any of the major NBA G league Showcase statistical categories. 


What we don’t know

If Scoot will be able to crack into the top 5 of any of the major statistical categories before the end of season.

What we predict

We’ve seen a big fluctuation in Henderson’s three point shooting percentage and assists. But our Scoot Henderson basketball prediction projects that his valleys and peaks won’t be enough to climb the ranks.

Henderson more than likely will not crack the top 5 in any major statistical category. But If he does his best chance is with steals or his scoring.

2. Beyond his Showcase stats G League full season evaluations of Scoot to date make it easy to see his potential after just 6 games.

The Scoot Henderson basketball gravy train is in motion. His earning potential is high. The NBA comparisons attached to his name are former or current big time players. Here is the break down of Scoot’s potential in different areas.

Scoot Henderson college offers

Henderson’s potential was recognized at a young age. As a junior in high school Henderson the five star prospect was recruited by Kentucky, Memphis, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Arkansas, Auburn and Georgia. But instead of going to college Henderson opted to sign with the NBA G League Ignite.

Scoot Henderson NBA Comparison

A good Scoot Henderson basketball comparison is one of an athletic scoring point or combo guard. A guard with solid positional size that primarily plays the one.

Scoot is very athletic but not as explosive as some of the following guards. Comparable names such as Steve Francis, Derrick Rose, John Wall, Russell Westbrook, and Ja Morant are a few which fit the bill.

Scoot Henderson salary potential

As the forecasted second pick in the 2023 NBA Draft Scoot Henderson is expected to sign a NBA rookie scale contract in the range of:

Scoot Henderson basketball Salary ProjectionYear
26.2% increase4

Scoot Henderson basketball scoring potential in the NBA

Henderson scores effectively at two levels. And as a guard that primarily creates his offense off the dribble less than half of his buckets were assisted thus far this season.

His midrange jumper and ability to finish at the rim are his most efficient and reliable methods of putting the ball in the hole. More than 80 percent of his field goal attempts and 60 percent of his scoring come from within the 3pt line this season.

But Henderson is not offensively limited. He’s capable of knocking down the long range shot. As of late Scoot is showing his potential to become a legit three level scorer.


Whether its a pull up, step back or catch & shoot, midrange jumpers account for 30 percent of Henderson’s scoring. The midrange left wing and the mid baseline to left elbow areas are his sweet spots through six games played.

Finishing at the rim

Henderson has been effective within five feet and closer. Scoring at the rim ranks second in Henderson’s scoring hierarchy. It accounts for 20 percent of his total points scored. Plus he’s finishing at an efficient 56.5% rate.

His attempts come by way of penetration, cuts to the basket, transition and second chance points. Plus his athleticism affords him the ability to attack and finish with acrobatic layups, reverse layups, finger rolls and dunks.

Potential to take his scoring up a notch if he stops leaving points at the foul line.

The G League utilizes a one free throw equals two points until the final two minutes of the game rule system. So at the next level expect Henderson’s actual number of free throw attempts to increase.

Henderson’s points from the line account for 16.5% of his scoring. But with the increase of attempts it also means more opportunities to miss. Currently points are being left on the board and will continue until he taps deep into his potential.

Henderson’s accuracy is down but there is room for improvement from the charity stripe. We know the potential to be better from the line is within him. We’ve witnessed Henderson shoot a full 7% percent (77%) better last season.

He’s already a solid scorer. So when he stops leaving free points on the board it’s only logical his scoring output increases as well.

Inside the paint

Scoring inside the paint from a distance of 5 feet or more ranks 5th in Henderson’s scoring hierarchy. It accounts for 14 percent of his scoring to date.

Henderson will pull up for jumpers, attack with floaters, fingers rolls and turnaround jumpers in the paint. He connects at a 45% rate on these attempts.

Scoot Henderson wingspan

Scoot Henderson wingspan on full display

Henderson is reported to have a 6′ 9″ wingspan. That’s some serious stretch for a point guard. With that type of length Henderson will be one of the longest floor generals in his draft class.

What we don’t know

How good is scoot Henderson really? Is he overrated?

What we predict

Henderson’s potential is obvious. But it’s too early in the evaluation process to say with certainty if Scoot is overrated or not. Because he’s highly touted he will more than likely receive a role that affords him a greater chance and more leeway to live up to his hype and expectations at the next level.

As a high usage combo guard Henderson will be force fed opportunities to produce. Despite being offensively inefficient early on he’ll continue to receive opportunities until he learns to become an efficient scorer in the NBA. For Scoot we’re projecting that he becomes efficient within two or three years.

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3. Scoot Henderson is constantly improving and here are his G League Showcase Cup stats to prove it.

Here’s what the back of a current Scoot Henderson basketball card would look like.

FREE THROWS2.0 – 2.8

Games Played:

After six games Henderson’s improvements are validated by an eye test and the numbers. His totals and/or averages have increased across several statistical categories. He’s on pace to produce more in just 8 games than he produced in several areas during the 11 Showcase games he played last season.

Henderson is getting better before our eyes with each game. His larger role is paying dividends this season. Which has led to an increase in:

Minutes Per Game:

Henderson is playing an additional 4 minutes per game on average. With the extra on court time Henderson has made the most of his opportunity. Especially in the scoring department.

Points Per Game:

To go along with the increase of minutes played Henderson is scoring at an increased rate. His 2022-2023 scoring average is up 7 points from the previous year. Plus he is 27 points away and likely to surpass the total points he scored last season within his next game or two.

Field Goals, Attempts and Percentages:

Henderson is a high usage combo guard that primarily plays the point. This season has seen him respond to an increase in usage by putting a good amount of points on the board. It’s taken Henderson four less games to make nearly the same amount of field goals as he recorded during his first season.

It’s obvious that Henderson is not afraid to pull the trigger. He’s averaging six more attempts this year as well. And with more attempts Henderson appears to have become a more efficient scorer.

At first it was hard to see an improvement in offensive efficiency due to a rough and inefficient start to his season. But with each passing game Henderson is finding footing on solid ground. His field goal percentage is up from 43% to 48%.

Three point attempts and percentages:

Coming into the season an area of improvement for Scoot was his long range shooting. A rocky start made it appear as if Scoot didn’t put in the necessary work during the off season to eliminate this glaring hole in his game. But as of late Henderson’s shooting is picking up steam. Scoot has the hot hand.

Henderson is showing promise from downtown. He has already doubled the amount of three pointers he made all of last season in about half the amount of games that he played this season.

What once looked like a player restricted to getting buckets inside the three point line Henderson now looks like a player with the potential to become a respectable threat from downtown and thus a legit three level scorer.

Last season Scoot only knocked down four out of 23 three point attempts and shot 17.4%. This season he’s already knocked down 8 from long distance while shooting 47.1%.

What we don’t know

Will Henderson be able to maintain his recent stretch of offensive consistency throughout the remainder of season?

Is his three point shooting just a hot streak or will he be able to maintain his blistering shooting rate from downtown?

What we predict

Our Scoot Henderson basketball prediction projects that Scoot will be able to maintain his recent stretch of overall offensive consistency for the remainder of the season.

With each game Henderson is improving. For a player with such a high usage rate it would be ideal to see Scoot become consistently efficient from downtown and from the 5-13 feet inside the paint range.

As for his long range shooting the jury is still out. We can’t call it just yet but will keep an eye out to see if this issue can be permanently corrected throughout course of season.

Scoot appears to have found solid footing. But until his ability to score becomes consistently efficient his potential to shoot his team out of a game will always be present.

4. Henderson has improved as a playmaker and recently recorded a career high to prove it.

Henderson’s improved playmaking ability has been on full display throughout the first 6 games of this season. Whether picking & rolling or driving & kicking Henderson’s vision, willingness and ability to find teammates have been noticeable to the tune of a 16 assists career high game.

In all of 2021-22 Henderson recorded 40 assists. He already has a total of 35 assist for the 2022-23 season.

What we don’t know

Will Scoot average more assists in his second year for the G League Ignite?

What we predict

A huge career high 16 assists game inflated the number of assists Henderson averages per game. Those numbers will continue to level out as the season progresses. But when the season is done its more than likely Henderson will average more assists this season.

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5. Quite the opposite of his knack for steals Scoot Henderson blocks nothing.

Intriguing fact: Henderson has played a total of 6 games and 171 minutes for the NBA G League Ignite. But he’s yet to block a shot this season.

What we don’t know

Will Scoot improve his shot blocking ability at the next level?

What we predict

Our Scoot Henderson basketball prediction projects the same level of production in this area of Henderson’s game at the next level. Henderson is yet to show the knack for blocking shots. This is just who he is a player until proven otherwise. Henderson only blocked one shot during the 2021-2022.

6. Scoot Henderson NBA Draft projections place him at the top of the 2023 NBA Draft Class

Scoot Henderson NBA Draft Prospect

Victor Wembanyama is the projected first pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. Scoot Henderson is right behind him at the top of his draft class. Scoot is currently projected as the second pick in the upcoming draft.

What we don’t know

Will another NBA Draft prospect challenge Scoot for the second pick in the 2023 NBA Draft?

What we predict

Our Scoot Henderson basketball draft night projection will remain the same until 2023 NBA Draft night.

7. Upon entering the NBA Scoot Henderson will become one of the youngest players in the league.

Scoot Henderson age

Scoot Henderson is currently 18 years old. Born on February 3rd, 2004 Henderson will turn 19 years old in 2023.

Upon entering the NBA Henderson will become one of the youngest players in the league. The youngest player in the NBA as of today is Jalen Duren of the Detroit Pistons. Scoot Henderson is two and a half months younger than Duren.

8. A Scoot Henderson height and weight advantage is a competitive edge at the point guard position.

The NBA G League and some media websites list Henderson at 6′ 2″ and 195 lbs. Yet there are other media outlets that list him at 6″ 3″ or 6′ 4″. Henderson appears to stand closer to the larger side of whats listed on paper.

Henderson has solid overall size for his primary position. But while his height range is ideal at the point Henderson will be slightly undersized at the two at the next level.

What we don’t know

How tall is Scoot Henderson really? Is he actually 6′ 2″ or closer to 6′ 4″? How much more will he grow?

What we predict

A Scoot Henderson basketball advantage will come due to his size. At 6′ 4″ Scoot will have a competitive edge because of his height. He’ll be taller than the majority of starting point guards currently in the NBA.

Whether Scoot is officially 6′ 2″ or 6′ 4″ at just 18 years old we predict he’ll grow to at least 6′ 4″ eventually if he’s not already there.

What High school did Scoot Henderson go to?

Scoot Henderson attended Kell High School in Marietta, Georgia.

How much is Scoot Henderson contract?

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic Henderson signed a multi-year deal for $1 million with the G League Ignite and multi-year 7-figure yearly endorsement deal with puma.

How many points does Scoot Henderson average?

Scoot Henderson is currently averaging 21.5 point for the 2022-2023 NBA G League showcase cup season as of November 18th, 2022.