#23 Trayce Jackson Davis Stats, Profile, NBA Draft Projections, Scouting Report, Accolades & Latest News

Trayce Jackson Davis, Indiana Hoosiers star Power Forward/Center

School: Indiana Hoosiers

Position: Forward/Center

Height: 6′ 9″

Weight: 245 lbs

Class: Senior

Hometown: Greenwood, IN

Through the first half of the 2022-2023 season, Trayce Jackson Davis may be the best player in Division 1 men’s college basketball. Currently a senior for the Indiana Hoosiers, he is having an incredible year with the team at the power forward/center position, averaging 19.7 PPG, 10.8 RPG, 3.4 APG, and 3.2 BPG, all while shooting 59.9% from the field on his quest for a championship.

He is also shooting 70.3% from the free throw line, a very impressive accomplishment for a college big man. For now, Jackson-Davis is most likely a late first round or early 2nd round pick in the 2023 NBA Draft.

Trayce Jackson-Davis Stats 2022-2023


Recruitment and Early Career

After starring for Center Grove High School in Greenwood, Indiana, Jackson-Davis opted to play locally for the Indiana Hoosiers. The #16 prospect in the nation, he also had serious offers from both UCLA and Michigan State and was expected to help put the struggling Hoosiers back on the map. Trayce Jackson Davis represented the 2nd consecutive year that the Hoosiers had landed a recruiting gem, following Romeo Langford the previous season.

He made an immediate impact his freshman season, averaging 13.5 PPG, 8.4 RPG, and 1.8 BPG, and was named to the 2019-2020 Big Ten All-Freshmen Team. His sophomore and junior seasons were even better, seeing him increase his scoring average in those seasons to 19.1 and 18.3 respectively. Unfortunately, Indiana as a team underachieved during those seasons, failing to advance past the 1st round of the NCAA tournament, although it is important to note that the 2019-2020 tournament was canceled due to COVID.

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Where is Trayce Jackson Davis from?

Trayce Jackson Davis is from Greenwood, Indiana which is about 12 miles south of Indianapolis. He was an exemplary member of the community during high school, serving as a youth basketball coach and volunteering at Wheeler Mission Center in Indianapolis. His academic achievements, athletic accomplishments, and community service earned him the Indiana Gatorade Player of the Year award in 2019.

Trayce Jackson-Davis Dad

Trayce Jackson Davis dad Dale Davis

Why does Trayce Jackson Davis have two last names? His biological father is former NBA player Dale Davis. Davis had a very successful NBA career, averaging 8 PPG, 7.9 RPG, and 1.2 BPG in 16 seasons with the Indiana Pacers, Portland Trail Blazers, Golden State Warriors, and Detroit Pistons.

Trayce Jackson-Davis Mom

Trayce Jackson Davis’ mother is Karla Jackson, who raised him along with his stepfather Raymond Jackson. Although Jackson went by the last name Davis for much of his early life, he changed his last name to Jackson-Davis during his freshmen year of high school.

Trayce Jackson Davis Brother

Trayce Jackson Davis has a younger brother, Tayven Jackson, who was a teammate of Trayce at Center Grove High School. Tayven was a backup quarterback at the University of Tennessee this past season but recently transferred to the University of Indiana.

Trayce Jackson-Davis Brain Surgery? Well not quite

When Trayce Jackson Davis was 4 years old, he pulled on an exercise band that was lodged in a door, causing it to come loose and strike him on the forehead. The injury caused a small fracture, which resulted in a 7-hour surgery to fix the bone fracture. Two years later Jackson-Davis was accidentally hit on the side of his face with a golf club, requiring doctors to insert a metal plate into his cheek to fix the injury.

What you will find on a Trayce Jackson-Davis’ NBA Draft Prospect Scouting Report

Trayce Jackson Davis Scouting Report

Trayce Jackson Davis is a left handed double-double forward/center. At the collegiate level he’s the go to guy, an efficient scorer, a top notch rebounder, a terrific shot blocker and a big that runs the floor. The Indiana Hoosiers are 9-0 thus far this season when Jackson-Davis makes at least 56% of his field goal attempts.

The majority of Jackson-Davis’ shot attempts come from the post and around the basket. More often than not he manages to successfully attack from the block and in the paint despite having a major offensive limitation. That limitation is the reluctance and/or the inability to use his right hand on shot attempts.

Unlike his reluctance to finish with his right hand Jackson-Davis has no major limitations that prevent him from getting to the basket when attacking off the turn & face from the post or perimeter. He puts the ball on the floor for straight line drives but also keeps defenders off balance with in & outs and fluidly changes direction with crossovers.

Jackson-Davis also has sticky pad hands. So he’s a legit pick & roll and lob threat. He catches most passes thrown his way. Solid hands combined with superb footwork facilitates clean field goal attempts after the catch for him.

Despite being overly dependent on his left hand Jackson-Davis consistently proves to be a competent finisher around the basket against college opponents. Jump hooks are high percentage shots for him. Plus his one handed dunks are authoritative and thunderous.

Beyond being able to create his own buckets Jackson-Davis helps his teammates eat too. The vision and passing out of the post are solid. He handles double teams well. Stays calm and reacts quickly against pressure as he find cutters, shooters and open teammates in general.

In addition to passing well out of the post Jackson-Davis is a big that drives, draws help defense and find teammates. His improved capacity to find and create for others is reflected in the increase of his assists tallied this season.

Another area of Jackson-Davis’ game that has seen an increase in production is rebounding. Jackson Davis is solid on both sides of the glass because he’s quick off his feet, has decent lift, very good timing and solid anticipation. Plus he has the ability to rebound and start the break.

Defensively Jackson-Davis is a good on ball post defender. He holds his ground and bodies up against backdown attempts. Against shot fakes he’s patient and disciplined enough to keep ten toes down. Also, he’s quick off of his feet to contest, disrupt and block shot attempts.

After disrupting and contesting Jackson-Davis does an excellent job of rebounding the shots that miss. He’s also quick to react and recover possession of his blocked shots.

Off the ball Jackson-Davis falls asleep more often than you would like to see. He’s liable to ball watch, get caught on screens, rotate late to shooters or get back doored. But he has excellent reaction and recovery speed to chase down and block shots at the rim from behind.

In today’s NBA Jackson-Davis is considered more of an old school big because of the way he plays. He doesn’t stretch the defense or fire away with jumpers from the perimeter. Yet several parts of his game will translate to the next level.

In the NBA expect Jackson-Davis’ level of production scoring against collegiate competition to take the biggest dip. A role and system that requires him to finish plays around the basket, rebound, run the floor, block shots and utilize his passing skills is best suited for his style of play.

A reserve role player initially with the potential to become a double-double third option starting big. But before Jackson-Davis can reach his full NBA potential two areas of his game must improve and develop.

First, how will Jackson-Davis respond in the NBA when his opponent takes away the opportunity to finish clean with his left hand? At the college level unless finishing with a dunk the results are occasional forced off balanced shots.

In the NBA you can expect those forced off balanced shots to happen more frequently. The opponent will quickly realize that he wants to dunk or finish with his left. Especially if he doesn’t develop the ability to score with both hands around the basket.

Second, his scoring production will decline due to the reluctance and/or inability to finish with both hands around the basket. Plus he won’t have a size and strength advantage on the inside.

But the lost scoring production can be made up in another area. Extending his offensive range with a reliable jump shot would do wonders for his ability to score. Plus it will modernize his game.

2022-2023 Season and Beyond

While Trayce Jackson Davis’ mediocre NBA draft stock in previous years may have forced him to spend more time at Indiana than expected, he has taken full advantage of the opportunity. He has put up incredible individual statistics his senior year and is poised to lead Indiana to the 2023 NCAA Tournament.

Although he probably won’t go in the early-to-mid 1st round of the 2023 NBA draft, he could sneak into the late 1st round due to his impressive senior season. Another factor in his potential draft status is his outstanding personal character. Teams know that they will be getting a steady and reliable presence in the locker room which could prove highly beneficial.

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